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v1.21 (Released 02/05/06)

Summary (TOP)

Lossless2lossy is a conversion script for mass converting your ENTIRE music collection from one format to another whilst mirroring the directory structure and tags of the original format. It differs from most other conversion scripts because it is able to convert multiple files from multiple directories recursively.

You can use it to convert from lossless (flac) to lossy (mp3) or recompress you lossless collection to another lossless format.

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If you find a bug, please use the bug report system found on here You don't have to be registered. Just click on the link "Submit New" in the links menu.


Known Problems (TOP)

Change Log (TOP)

Change Log v1.2=>v1.21 (Released 02/05/06)

+ Fixed bug with flac tags
+ Fixed bug with input folder names with spaces not being dealt with.

Change Log v1.1=>v1.2 (Released 24/04/06)

+ Flac Support
+ Wavpack Support
+ Ability to covert wavs
+ Mixed source file type conversion
+ Trans-lossless support
+ Tagging support for all formats
+ Fixed bug with genre not being processed properly
- Exit when a required program was not found

Change Log v1.1=>v1.11 (Released 28/03/06)

+ Fixed bug with mp3 vbr not being used
+ Fixed bug when no genre was present

Change Log v1.0=>v1.1 (Released 26/03/06)

+ tag support (ID3(v2) and ogg)
+ skip wav file if already converted
+ command line parameter inputting
+ ogg support
- interactive Q/A for starting program